Päivä 12
Sijainti: N79,00588 E016,35806
Kuljettu matka: 26,5 km
Sää: -8C – +2C, heikosta lumisateesta pilviseen

after the previous 2 wonderful days in the mountains, we are now at the seaside. this morning under a grey sky we left ”little chamonix”, descending a gentle glacier that soon turned into a chaos of moraines. we had to change our skis for crampons again. after some searching we found our way to the bottom of the valley, where we continued over a frozen swamp. The first polar bear tracks! when we turned out of that valley to continue our way over the frozen fjord we were no longer sheltered from the wind. quite a breeze, head on, but rather warm. temperature rose above zero. almost a pity, i came to like the cold 😉 After a few more hours we found a little corner on the shore to make camp, and to my surprise when i looked at my gps, this bunch of stones in the snow even has a name: greetings from granatnodden!

– Erik

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  1. Hyvää etenemistä ryhmä! Hienoja postauksia ja poseerauksia!

    Erityisen lämmin halaus Noralle. Laama-sankaritar! Tsempataan ja seurataan sun seikkailua täysillä.


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